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M.S.JAMUNA ELECTRICAL Pvt. Ltd. Offers the industry's most complete selections of products, systems and services to provide customers with complete solutions in the field of networking.  This means a total solution in the field of information technology and system Hardware. Our work area also is specialized installations WAN connections and high-end LAN connections.



Wide Area Networks(WAN):

        Data Communication for geographically dispersed networks for similar or dissimilar systems interconnectivity, using remote Bridges, Routers, Remote Access Servers, leased Lines, ISDN, Dial-Up Connections etc.

Local Area Networks (LAN):

Hardware and software for standards based connectivity in Multivendor LANs. Featured offerings include wiring closets, Hubs, Switches, Bridges, Routers and fiber Optic (glass) and UTP (Copper) Backbones, entire Horizontal and Vertical Cabling, Cat-5 Cabling, Enhanced Cat-5 Cabling, Gigabit Cabling, Housing Racks for Network equipments etc.


Hardware Products:

Multivendor hi-tech products such as computers, printers networking products, print sharers, server sharers, server switches, multifunctional devices etc. of international standards and repute.


Mechanical Products:

Sophisticated Network racks and other housing accessories.

Professional Services:

A full range of Services for complete network integration, Consultation services including planning, design and optimization. Implementation services offer project management, premises cabling, staging and acceptance testing.


LAN Expertise and Excellence:

1. Skilled Engineers with an exposure to Networks and connectivity.
2. Planning LAN-LAN Connectivity solutions.
3. LAN connectivity for heterogeneous systems and their interoperability.
4. Detailed and intricate Site Planning.
5. Documenting the site plan for self and client. Testing the cables for proper and seamless integration.
6. Optimizing LAN connectivity for peak performance.
7. High Technology network scanners and fluke meters enabling our engineers to fine tune networks to maximize the installation productivity, performance and uptime.


1. Level-5, Enhanced Cat-5 and Gigabit Structured Cabling.
2. Fiber Backbone Vertical Block Cabling.
3. Campus Wide Network, Fiber Backbone.
4. Integration of FDDI, UTP, STP, FTP, Fiber Optics Cabling.
5. Horizontal Block Design with Switching Configuration using IEEE 802.xx Standards.
6. Policy based networking.


We are: -

1. A D-LINK Certified Partner.
2. Systems Integrators of AVAYA, AMP, KRONE & 3M Cables & accessories.

LAN Services - your benefits

Enhanced network quality through avoidance of IT network bottlenecks and downtimes Increased infrastructure efficiency Protection of business processes against internal and external intrusions and attacks Cost savings through elimination of risks and weak points.





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