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MSJE is the electrical technology services division of


Class-I Govt. Licensed Electrical Contractors and Engineers Registered contractor  for  M/s. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited., Public Works Department (PWD) Govt. of Karnataka.





With a commitment to excellence unparalleled in the industry, MSJE is dedicated to providing our clients and customers with excellence and professionalism in electrical service industry. Teamwork, creativity, continued education, technology and a vigilant eye on market trends enable us to be on the cutting edge of the market place.


With  years of combined experience and talent, the principals, senior management and administrative staff of the MSJE have diverse engineering backgrounds and technical skills. This blend of perspectives and capabilities greatly contribute to the consistency of our success and growth.

  • N.Murrugeshan, MD and Founder

N.Murrugeshan is true to the entrepreneurial spirit!

N.Murrugeshan is a professional with (AMIE) and Diploma in AC & Refrigeration  tremendous 15 years experience and talent in Electrical Engineering field.

He entered the Electrical industrial business and quickly developed a niche of designing & engineering electrical system solutions to International Software companies. He consistently was the top listing professional and selling innovative ideas for the region's International Software companies.

In 1990 N.Murrugeshan realized his dream and formed M.S.JAMUNA ELECTRICALS ,   MSJE

N.Murrugeshan has an uncanny intuition for knowing what's ahead for the industry. His remarkable insight into people and "the art of the deal" are the key to the success of MSJE and it's clients.



 N.Palani has the  job of administrative duties. A Degree in Bcom in Marketing  and over  years of corporate accounting and office experience enable Palani to efficiently handle the variety of duties he encounters on a daily basis.

Subhashini , DIRECTOR

Subhashini directs the efforts of advertising with the unique perspective of being an experienced Executive  as well as having a BA degree with concentration in advertising.




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