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MSJE  is leading innovator in South Indian Electrical Service Industry.  We design, develop, manufacture and execute Electrification work and complete system solutions to Software and Industrial turnkey projects.

         At MSJE , our years of experience with the world's leading companies have helped us understand how electrical technology can help global businesses with our highly efficient and economical power/cost effective designs.  MSJE combines innovative global delivery, quality leadership, and robust processes to take the surprise out of projects. Using these, we have set Regional benchmarks in execution excellence that has translated into measurable results for our customers.

            At MSJE , we have put in place robust processes to ensure that we deliver quality service with efficient consistency . For instance our services ensures that 97% of our projects are completed on schedule.

Our commitment to excel through innovation extends beyond  business. It is equally important how we manage our business operations - in our processes for management and leadership, and in how we build our physical, technology, or people infrastructure.




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